The Ins and Outs of Application Tracking Systems


The Ins and Outs of Application Tracking Systems


The recruitment process can often be tiresome and drawn out. However, for all companies and businesses around the globe, it is a necessary evil that, if managed correctly, could lead to the discovery of valuable talent and kick-start long-term business growth. Luckily, recent innovations in the form of Application Tracking Systems have resulted in the development of a new and efficient way in which to cope with the recruitment process.

What Are Application Tracking Systems?

Application Tracking Systems are software programmes / applications that offer an assortment of reliable recruitment solutions that are sure to stream-line and shorten the process of hiring the best professionals for each job advertised.

What is an ATS Capable of?

Generally speaking, an Application Tracking System has the ability to:

  • Provide you with a library of high quality templates for creating detailed, effective job advertisements.
  • Integrate into a specific job board.
  • Provide reliable online screening and profiling.
  • Sort through CVs according to criteria and specifications.
  • Assist you in managing the general workflow of the recruitment process.
  • Supply you with information-rich reports and data analyses.

What are the Benefits of Using an ATS?

An Application Tracking System provides businesses and companies of all types and sizes with a number of opportunities to streamline and improve the recruitment process. In short, once you have used one, you will never look back.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider investing in an Application Tracking System for your Human Resources department:

It Saves Time

After posting a job ad online, the majority will receive an avalanche of responses from people who ‘fit the bill’. Think about the amount of time that it would take you to read through every single one of these CVs – and think about how much time you would be wasting reading through CVs sent by people who are taking a chance but who don’t actually meet the stated criteria in the job ad by any stretch of the imagination. An ATS removes all of this time and effort from the equation, expertly sorting through CVs and flagging those that may be of interest and value to you in a matter of seconds.

It Saves Money

As a business owner, you will need to employ someone to manage the recruitment process and take over the job of sifting through CVs – unless you invest in an ATS, that is! The costs involved in purchasing and running an ATS are much cheaper than those that you would have to cover in order to hire a person to do the same job.

It Rids the Process of Discrimination

Since the ATS works by evaluating whether or not a CV fits in with particular job specs / keywords, it provides you with a completely unbiased pool of applicants, thus making it easier for you to avoid discrimination and charges of misconduct.
If you are interested in investing in an ATS for your business, it is definitely time to get in touch with the team at PNet Solutions. Your recruitment process will never be the same again!

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