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Talent Management Solutions: Quick Tips


Many companies do not take the necessary steps to ensure that they hire the right talent, and neither do they put much effort into developing and retaining the talent that they have. The cost of this is that profitable talent goes unnoticed, is lost or not utilized correctly, which can cause severe damage to the stability and growth of a company. Considering this, it becomes clear why it is important to refine the recruitment process and make proper talent management a top priority.

Talent Audits and the Recruitment Process


Talent Recruitment


Companies often enter the recruitment process without clear objectives concerning the individuals they need to hire. They tend to focus solely on job descriptions, experience and personality types. They seem to forget that most professions encompass a wide range of areas and that it is highly unlikely for an individual to be a strong performer in all of these areas. It would therefore be of great benefit to companies to do a talent audit, take note of the specialists they have on staff and also clarify their areas of expertise. This audit will ensure that you hire the people you need to efficiently fill the caps in your operation.

To do this audit correctly it is advised that lower-level managers get interviewed about the people working under them. Let them tell you about the strengths they have noticed amongst their staff. It is the responsibility of upper management to determine the strengths of the lower-level managers.

After hiring the right people you need to ensure that their talents are fully utilised.

Ensuring Talent gets utilised


Talent Management


The overall strategic plan of your company needs to incorporate the strengths and capabilities of your employees, seeing as they will be responsible for executing it. If you have done a talent audit you will know what these strengths and capabilities are. This data will not only ensure that you draw up a strategy that can be executed, but might also inspire you to explore other avenues in your industry, if you have the necessary talent to do so.

Talent Retention


Talent Solutions


You have learned the art of talent recruitment and how to get the most out of the talent you are employing. This brings us to the last and arguable the most important part of talent management, namely, talent retention.

The data you have gathered from doing your talent audit will identify your most valuable employees. Needless to say, those are the employees you should be focusing on first and foremost. Ensure that they are sufficiently challenged and satisfied. Factors that could lead to an employee feeling dissatisfied, include:

  • Their work/life balance
  • Salary
  • Career Development

There might also be other variables to consider and it is important to have regular one on ones with your most valuable employees, identify these variables and do your utmost to satisfy your employees’’ needs. What is important to remember is that once an employee becomes dissatisfied, loyalty towards the company starts to wane and by this point it is often too late.

Talent Management Solutions: Quick Tips


Talent Management Solutions: Quick Tips


  • Get clarity on the career development plans of your most valued employees and send them on training courses that will help them to realise their goals.
  • Figure out how you can improve their work/life balance and any other work related circumstances they are struggling with.
  • Finally, make your employees needs a part of your overall strategy.


With these talent management solutions you will get the results you need. For talent solutions relating to recruitment processes, contact PNet Solutions.