PNet’s CSR initiative is an education based project run by Change the World Trust (CTW). CTW was established in 2009 to breach the gap between skills development and incessant Youth Unemployment, and it strives to uplift communities and eradicate poverty through IT based socio-economic development programs. The organisation aims to give young South Africans a second chance at life, by equipping them with technology skills that will boost their economic potential.

PNet sponsors the Diepsloot ICT training Centre. In the past 6 months, the centre has run 10 school workshops and over 150 IT training courses. During this period the centre doubled the attendance of unemployed young students, increased ICT programmes and engaged with numerous local schools, public sector clinics, libraries and other youth NPO’s in the area.


Success Stories


Amanda Tshomela
Nothing basic about this PC whiz!

Amanda is a young lady who has big dreams and an even greater ambition to succeed in life. A resident of Diepsloot who has grown up in this community, she aims to be the first woman in her family to become a certified Programmer and is working hard to achieving her dream every day. A shortage of money to pursue a formal qualification has not stopped her desire to learn and improve daily while pursuing her dream.

How has IT Training impacted your life?
I have become more confident in myself and in my ability to use computers, which I did not have before I enrolled for PC Basics.

What have you learnt so far?
I have learnt how to use the computer to do simple things such as typing documents, making presentations and creating formulas. These skills have greatly improved my computer confidence, and I am happy about this change in my life.

What are your Future Plans?
I would like to keep on learning as much as possible about IT and all other aspects as technology is the future and I want to be a part of that. If I work hard, I know I can find a job related to IT, which is something I love. It will also help show my family that they too can be a success through learning how to use computers.

Thank You
I am thankful to Change the World for the opportunity and also the main sponsor for my scholarship PNet. My life has changed a lot since I started doing classes with Change the World. I now believe that whatever I want to be in life, I can do it because my eyes have been opened through learning the power of technology. I know how to look for jobs from sitting at this computer and I am already in touch with a few companies.

Collins Ngoetjane
Bootcamp for this dreamer

Collins Ngoetjane is a Grade 10 scholar at Zitikeni Secondary School. He grew up in Tembisa dreaming of becoming someone great. He has always had a passion for technology but unfortunately in his community, there are not many places where one can learn about this after school. It was therefore a blessing when he was told that Change the World Trust would be coming to his school to teach the scholars how to create and design websites. Collins jumped at the opportunity to find out what it takes to become a good web-designer.

How did the training go?
At first the training was challenging as we were introduced to new concepts such as CSS/HTML which are the languages used for creativity and functionality of websites. The trainers were however very patient and accommodating, and eventually I was able to grasp the concepts and understand the training. By the time we finished our workshop training, I was able to design and create my own website without much assistance from the Change the World Team.

Describe how the Bootcamp was and how it felt to win it?
The Bootcamp was exciting as it is where you compete against other top students from different schools. I was nervous in the beginning, but as soon as I started the challenge I knew I had it in me to compete with the best. It came as a great relief and suprise when I was announced the winner, and it was then that I realised that anything is possible if you work hard and believe in it.

How has this training helped you?
The training has definitely changed my life, as I can now dream of becoming a Software Development Engineer in the future. Before I was unaware that such opportunities existed.