Graduate Recruitment 101: How to Find Capable Candidates
Graduate Recruitment 101: How to Find Capable Candidates
October 24, 2016
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Creative Recruitment: How to Generate a Killer Response

How to Generate a Killer Response

In an age where innovation is the name of the game, you have to constantly evolve in order to stay relevant and top of mind. While this sounds like the type of thing you’d hear being tossed around a digital agency or marketing boardroom, it’s all true – and it applies not only to “new age” businesses, but to everyone. Recruitment has to change and evolve in order to keep up. If applicants are sending CV’s in video format and doing all kinds of creative things to get attention, then what are recruiters doing in order to keep candidates’ attention?

Creative recruitment doesn’t need to replace old fashioned recruitment, but it does need to work alongside it. Here are some tips to make sure that you generate a positive response from your recruitment efforts.

Run an online search – but not your standard job posting

This has worked for everything from small agencies through to the likes of Ogilvy, and is particularly good for any organisations based in media, PR, advertising, marketing, digital, communications or similar. Essentially, candidates have to apply by sending a video or similar – you can go as broad or as narrow as you like with the criteria. Maybe they have to answer a certain question, show their passion and dedication in whichever way they choose, or just explain why they think they deserve to work for you. Either way, if you can offer a great environment for candidates and run your recruitment more like a competition, this gets the younger generation’s attention. Who doesn’t like to win, after all? This technique seems to be particularly effective if you’re aiming at new graduates searching for their first career opportunities.

On top of this, make sure to tap into your social channels. Creating a good online presence is already a huge leap towards getting yourself out there. Ensure you update your pages regularly, and consider having the CEO or other senior employees write some articles establishing themselves as leaders in their field. Tweet and update your statuses with thoughts and information on relevant topics as well as any achievements or cool projects your company has been working on.

Host networking events

You’ve probably heard a lot about attending events, learning to network and meeting the right people. Why not take this one step further and host your own events for people within your industry, events for recruitment agencies, new graduates, or to support local startups. Hosting regular events where people can collaborate and network means that you can establish yourself as a leader in the community. You’ll find that you become top of mind when candidates are looking for new job opportunities simply because you have an excellent reputation and you’re already top of mind when people within your sphere are looking for new opportunities.

Offer better referral rewards

Rather than just incentivising the hiring part of employee referrals, why not include additional rewards for when the employee they referred has been working for six months, a year, or has been promoted and so on? This way, current employees are more likely to refer people they think are going to stick around and add real value to the organisation.

By following these simple yet effective tips, you’re sure to generate a killer response to your recruitment efforts!

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