E-recruitment vs Traditional Recruitment Methods


The Many Benefits of E-Recruitment


Back in the day, job ads were placed in magazines, newspapers and other types of media, requiring plenty of effort, time and money from those businesses looking to employ new professionals. Other company managers might also have chosen to utilise the services of recruitment agencies (something that is still done today) in order to get the job done. Nowadays, however, the digital age has brought with it a new, much more beneficial way in which to find the best possible talent to fill your vacancies. Below, we examine the main reasons why e-recruitment beats traditional recruitment methods hands down every time.

Fast Results


E-recruitment Benefits: Fast Results


When posting job ads in newspapers, or relying on the expertise of recruitment agencies, the overall recruitment process is extended quite drastically. For those companies who are under-staffed and are looking to hire as quickly as possible, this can be a massive downfall. Luckily, with e-recruitment, everything is in real-time and in your own hands, making it easy for you to ensure that everything happens when and how you need it to.



E-recruitment Benefits: Cost-Efficiency


Let’s face it – recruitment agencies charge a small fortune for their services, and placing an ad in a newspaper and/or magazine is often ridiculously over-priced. E-recruitment, on the other hand, is much more affordable, with packages and once-off charges available, all of which have been tailored to suit both your needs and your budget.

Wider Reach


E-recruitment Benefits: Wider Reach


The World Wide Web is a massive place, swarming with incredible talent and skilled professionals. While newspaper ads limit your reach to the people who actually buy and read that particular newspaper, and recruitment agencies limit your reach to the people who actually get in touch with them, e-recruitment allows you to access a wide variety of individuals from different backgrounds, with different skills and with different career goals and aspirations. This means that finding that ‘perfect fit’ is easier than ever before.

Handy Tools


E-recruitment Benefits: Handy Tools


With useful tools like application tracking systems and filters that assist you in looking for particular types of people with specific skills, it is simple to work through the pool of applicants throughout the duration of the recruitment process.
Along with the aforementioned benefits, e-recruitment also offers companies a number of other, lesser-known opportunities. For starters, it makes it possible for businesses to utilise their job ads to create a company image that both prospective employees and the public in general will come to understand and value over time, thus resulting in enhanced brand recognition and improved interest in the brand overall.

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