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The Future of HR: What You Need to Implement
April 20, 2016
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June 14, 2016
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How to Create a Happy Workspace

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There is no denying the fact that an unhappy work space is not conducive to productivity, and while office semantics may not always be as you hope, there are ways in which you are able to improve the space to ensure that your employees remain happy and satisfied.

When it comes to finding job opportunities, employees hope to find something that is best suited to their needs –  they hope to find an environment that is suited to their personalities, and roles that are best suited to their skillset. However, the chances of working in an office that never experiences downs are relatively low, regardless of the industry that one chooses. Despite the fact that every employee is bound to come into contact with conflict at one point or another, there are ways in which to ensure that your employee’s work space is always happy and positive. If you’re wondering about how to go about creating a happy workspace, take a look at the following tips:

Take Ownership

When it comes to a happy and productive work environment, it is important to take ownership of your space, regardless of whether the space is physical, emotional or mental. If you are experiencing problems in your workspace with certain employees and feel that a general negativity is bringing the office down, you may want to encourage employees to take a look at themselves and decipher whether or not their attitude contributes to the negativity. The same can be said for their immediate physical space – if they do not take ownership of what happens in their immediate space, the chances are high that your employees will be negatively affected. In an effort to encourage your employees to take ownership of their space, be sure to chat to them about the following elements, and if they are not happy with them, inspire them to action the change that they want to see.

  • The office or cubicle space – if your employees don’t like the way that it looks, encourage them to take ownership and initiate the steps that are necessary to achieve a more appealing space.
  • The attitude – if you feel that the negativity in your office space is not conducive to productivity, be sure to chat to your employees and ask them to take a look at their own attitudes and decide whether or not they need to change it.
  • The emotional approach to the environment – while it may not always be easy to take ownership of one’s emotions, it is important to take note of whether or not they negatively affect the relationships with other employees and colleagues.


If you find that your employees are concerned that sitting at a cubicle or desk is harmful to their creativity, it might be time to start encouraging them to customise their immediate space for a creativity boost. A happy environment is one in which you are able to draw inspiration from your surroundings, and if the interior of your office gets you down, customising your immediate space is the next best step to a happy and productive space. Encourage your employees to begin by adjusting their computer, keyboard or laptop, and ensure that they are in a position that is comfortable and does not strain the neck, eyes or back. Ensure that their screen savers are of images that bring them joy or give them inspiration, and ask each employee to invest in a set of headphones that will allow them to listen to their  favourite music while working (if you are in a creative space, that is). Ask them to add a few elements to their desks that make them feel happy or inspired – a photo of a loved one, a beautiful flower or plant, or images of their favourite holiday destination.

If you happen to find that your employees are commenting on an unhappy work environment, it is also important to ensure that you encourage them to be the change that they want to see. More often than not, people react to positive change with positive changes – never underestimate the power of positivity in the workplace. If, however, you feel that they may be searching for new job opportunities, be sure to take a look at the PNet Solutions blog where you will find more information on how to ensure a happy and productive work environment for all of your employees.

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