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Top Requirement: Time Management Techniques

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When hiring new employees, one of the top requirements should always be good time management skills. However, good time management skills don’t necessarily mean an employee’s ability to manage his / her time in such a way that he / she is able to complete every single task assigned to him / her in a fast, efficient manner. Let’s face it – in the real world, sometimes that just isn’t possible, and, as such, good time management skills really mean the employee’s ability to manage his / her time in such a way that he / she is able to complete as many of the tasks assigned to him / her in as accurate a manner as possible. Below, we discuss a few time management techniques that every recruiter and employee should be aware of.


As already mentioned, sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to do it all. As a result, it is essential that the person whom you are hiring is able to complete the tasks assigned to him / her in order of priority. While most people will often opt to get the difficult tasks over with first, before moving on to the easier ones on the list, in the long run, this is a technique that has its shortfalls. By completing tasks in order of priority, as opposed to level of difficulty, the employee will ensure that all urgent work is dealt with as quickly as possible, thus also ensuring that the company workflow and productivity is not interrupted.

Write it Down

Do you believe that writing lists is an unnecessary time-waster? That is very far from the truth. If an employee simply takes a few minutes at the beginning of every day to write down the things that he / she would like to accomplish, he /she will be streamlining his / her work process, gathering his / her thoughts and focusing his / her mind on the day ahead.

Reduce All Interruptions

When working in an office, interruptions can occur frequently. Luckily, there are things that one can do in order to limit these interruptions and the effect that they have on productivity. For starters, if a co-worker approaches with a few questions, instead of biting the bullet and sitting through a 20 minute conversation, one may suggest that said co-worker schedules a meeting that fits in with both schedules. If other co-workers are chatting loudly on their phones or to each other and it is affecting one’s ability to concentrate, one may opt to simply put on a pair of earphones and listen to some soothing, brain-boosting music instead.

While many of these techniques may seem obvious, most professionals still neglect to use them. However, if they actually make an effort to implement them into their daily work routines, they are sure to increase their levels of productivity, efficiency and show off their superior time management skills at the same time.

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